Saturday, December 4, 2010

surviving the holidays

{image: imdb}

Last year's holiday season kicked my butt...I wrote this list shortly after to help me get through it this year.

1. Start early. Start thinking in October/November (oops. a little late on this post.) Once December hits, it's like a boulder going downhill--find good deals, seize the moment. Don't procrastinate!

2. Start writing cards early too. Mail them to people you don't see often enough to get it them before 12/25. Be mindful of when you'll see the folks you write cards too. Don't wait to the last minute to give them their cards.

3. If you like baking and like to give baked goods as gift, remember: it's okay to give your edible gifts early. Last year, I tried to give these gifts as close to Christmas as possible, but my days only got more crowded with holiday events, last minute shopping, cooking, etc. Save yourself some stress and make your deliveries a week or two early.

4. Want to avoid the commercialism of the holidays all together? World Vision and Compassion International have amazing gift catalogs that actually allow you to buy a goat for a family, a water well in a village, farming equipment, school supplies, and more.

TOMS, Petit Plume, FEED, Night Light International are just a few websites that can help you 'gift responsibly' this season. Plus, I think these go with anything. Love these bows. I would style this with jeans, oversize sweater, and a messy bun.

5. Make a list/have a plan. Know what you've purchased and what you are looking for. Try to do it in one shot (repetitive trips to stores, fighting parking and traffic makes me Grinch-y). Avoid shopping aimlessly or else it's really easy to get distracted & end up buying useless gifts for who knows or for yourself. Lists+plan=less time shopping

6. Save. Holidays can get expensive--gifts, holiday potlucks, a few additional birthdays on top of your normal expenses. My very sweet and wise coworker saves $100/month starting in January.

7. By all means, avoid shopping Christmas Eve. Actually, that whole week of Christmas at that. The crowds, lines, parking lots are bound to make you an instant grouch. (Unless, you thrive at the challenge and pressure, then by all means...)

8. Enjoy time with your family and friends...seriously. It's easy to get caught up in the busyness of this season. Take hikes together, appreciate, notice the big & little things they do for you and thank them sincerely.

9. Don't overindulge on the sweets--chances are you'll get lots of them. Only eat the ones you really like (which may be bad advice)...just remember, moderation is key.

10. Whatever your race, religion, creed...remember the real 'reason for the season.' Give thanks & celebrate.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

the window seat

While flying is not always the most pleasant of experiences, one of my favorite things (in general) are the views out the window. Here are some of my bests...

{Somewhere over the Atlantic. Dreamy, no?}

{Flying into Madrid (MAD)}

{LAX to ORD; I wonder what the inside looks like...}

{Swiss Alps}

A magic carpet or a pair of flying shoes would be nice.

P.S: This had me laughing out load! Your long flights in pictures here.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pop Killer

I stumbled into this store after a sushi dinner in J-town (aka Little Tokyo) a while back...

Pop Killer
343 East 2nd Street, Los Angeles
(213) 625-1372

At first glance, it looked like it was mainly guys graphic t-shirts, but I was immediately drawn in by all the other clutter, colors, and the potential of finding something really spectacular inside. Every corner, wall, shelf and piece of available floor is used to display posters, clothing, shoes, sunglasses (vintage and new), scary animal ski masks, origami toilet paper, and random trinkets and tchotchkes.

Let's start with the vintage dresses...there were lots of them! Most of them were cut, sewn, and re-worked to feature shorter hem lines and cut-outs. Decently priced too. Where some vintage stores will charge big bucks for a t-shirt, these dresses were running between $28-40.

Anyone been looking for a pair of Handerpants??? I know I have...
(FUN! I just noticed those whale shaped duffel bags on the back wall).

Jean, military, and leather jackets, blazers, and hoodies organized
by style and color. The section in the middle had a generous
supply of flannel, members only jackets, and of course,
Pop Killer branded shirts galore...

Shoes were plentiful...(size 6's were Vintage, designer, sneakers, and bright orange boots to match your new dress and gorilla mask.

It's organized clutter and makes for fun treasure hunt shopping.


Welcome to 3 letter words!

Why 3 letter words you ask?
I live in socal. I drive everyday. I unconsciously memorize CA plates…and the 3 letter words in people’s license plates make my mind wander and keep me entertained when I’m not singing or playing air drums/piano in my car.

And 3 letter words because I love airports (well, most international ones at least). LAX, SFO, CDG, ORD, BKK, LHR...they are hubs for airplanes and an avenue to one of my favorite things in the world…travel!

Anyway, I feel a lot of pressure to produce some kick-ass first post that will keep you coming back, but that's alls I got. Hope you enjoy!
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