Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pop Killer

I stumbled into this store after a sushi dinner in J-town (aka Little Tokyo) a while back...

Pop Killer
343 East 2nd Street, Los Angeles
(213) 625-1372

At first glance, it looked like it was mainly guys graphic t-shirts, but I was immediately drawn in by all the other clutter, colors, and the potential of finding something really spectacular inside. Every corner, wall, shelf and piece of available floor is used to display posters, clothing, shoes, sunglasses (vintage and new), scary animal ski masks, origami toilet paper, and random trinkets and tchotchkes.

Let's start with the vintage dresses...there were lots of them! Most of them were cut, sewn, and re-worked to feature shorter hem lines and cut-outs. Decently priced too. Where some vintage stores will charge big bucks for a t-shirt, these dresses were running between $28-40.

Anyone been looking for a pair of Handerpants??? I know I have...
(FUN! I just noticed those whale shaped duffel bags on the back wall).

Jean, military, and leather jackets, blazers, and hoodies organized
by style and color. The section in the middle had a generous
supply of flannel, members only jackets, and of course,
Pop Killer branded shirts galore...

Shoes were plentiful...(size 6's were Vintage, designer, sneakers, and bright orange boots to match your new dress and gorilla mask.

It's organized clutter and makes for fun treasure hunt shopping.

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