Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Korean holidays

{variations of Pocky--the Japanese version of Pepero}

Something random I learned in Korea

February 14: Girls treat the boys

March 14: 'White Day' where boys treat the girls

April 15: 'Black Day'--the day when all the single folks (and all those who don't do anything on 2/14 and/or 3/14) go eat 자 장 면 (Jajangmyun), the black noodles mentioned here.

November 11 or 11/11: Pepero Day
People exchange boxes of Pepero, long, thin biscuits dipped in chocolate or yogurt flavoring, on this day. Why 11/11? Pepero's long, stick shape looks like the date--thus a holiday was born.

Monday, June 27, 2011


{nutty photo via here}

See: I've been home for the past few days and have been finding myself excavating cabinets and rummaging through old photo albums. This is always fun for me...and also kind of bizarre. I found some cool pictures of my parents, including their wedding photos and pictures of them before they had us kids. I also found sheets and sheets of seriously awkward elementary school pictures. I don't know if it was on my own initiative (or my mom's sense of humor) to give me huge hair, put me in a lady suit that made me look like a linebacker, and adorn me with 20 accessories on picture day.
Anyways, I love this picture of my sister and brother for so many reasons. My brother has this smile in most of his baby pictures...he was such a cute little thing!

Taste: Oh man, these are so good. Glazed Almonds w/Cranberries at Starbucks.

Feel: I have no picture for what I'm feeling. My skin is dry and missing the Asian humidity. It's okay though...my skin loving this Curel stuff.

Smell: My favorite car air freshener. I just got a car wash and busted this open and now my car feels brand new. Every time I jump in, I am nostalgic of this Sanrio gum I used to love when I was a kid.

Hear: I just heard "Weak" on the radio this morning. That is a great song. (Can you tell I'm feeling nostalgic these days). Remember when Columbia Records would send those 'stamp sheets in the mail? They had pictures of all different albums on them, then you'd separate the stamps, pick the 10 CD's that you wanted, stick it on the reply and they'd mail you what you wanted? I think my sister did it once and got TLC, SWV, the 90210 soundtrack, and some others. I wonder where all those CD's went...

Sunday, June 26, 2011



One of my favorite things about this Asia trip was learning more about my Korean roots/culture. I never ventured too deep into learning the ins, outs, whats and whys before--maybe it was too close or too familiar for me, or maybe I just identified more with the 'American side' of me. Regardless, being in the place my parents, grandparents, great grandparents grew up felt different this time around. I learned a few things about Korean people (my people!), the country's history (some really sad & painful things), the customs I never understood before--things I hope to be able to share here.

Anyways, I won't be traveling for a little while, so in an attempt to continue my cultural education, I will be practicing my Korean on my parents and random Korean strangers, learning some Korean recipes, and drinking more soju (jk)...I will also be enrolling myself in a djembe class and a French conversation class. Not Korean things, but hey, why not.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

back to work

My co-workers and I have made it tradition to do something for anyone who is away for a vacation or long weekend. Normal things like flip everything in their office upside down or fill their drawers with packaging peanuts...but they reached a new high (or low?) with this one...
Complete with a menacing note from a broken toaster oven...

Whoever wrapped my desk should get a seasonal job at Macy's during the holidays. Unwrapping my desk items was like opening a bunch of little presents...just not as fun

I eventually found all my things--neatly packed in boxes in storage. Oh how I missed their shenanigans. Well played...well played.

Monday, June 13, 2011


I'm back and I'm looking forward to sharing some things about my trip with you guys! In the meantime, check these deals out if you're in the market for philosphy products or a weekend away.

Do you guys use philosphy? Their Microdelivery Peel is one of my favorite masks. I use it 1-2x a month or whenever my skin is feeling dull and needs a good scrubbin. Friends (even guys, who will remain anonymous) who have tried it say the same things. Anyways, you can get 25% off your purchases till Thursday...no minimum.

Also, Jet Blue is offering one way flight deals. Not too shabby for a weekend away somewhere familiar or new. Oh the possibilities!

Friday, June 10, 2011

leaving on a jetplane

sweet sorrow! I leave Seoul tomorrow (that rhymes...yikes...bikes! remember where that's from?)
I'm sad to go, but am grateful to have spent the last few days with the people I love, new friends, yum food...which has been definitive of this trip. But I'm excited to share about Seoul! I do love this place. Till then...have a wonderul weekend!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I heart Seoul: Reason #354


Delivery Korean style Chinese food--anytime, anywhere. Food is delivered fast and hot (those delivery guys drive with no fear and somehow seem to bypass all traffic laws). They even pick up the dirty dishes afterwards. So green and so efficient! If in the Sadang-dong area, this place is great:
자금성 (Ja Geum Sung)

It's apparently Korean tradition to have Jajang Myeon (thicker noodles with black soybean sauce, veggies, and usually meat, pictured on the top right corner) when you move to a new place. Fitting for today since we just moved in some new furniture to my sister's place...tasted extra delicious for that reason. If you do order from this place, make sure to get the 깐 자 장 면 (Ggan Jajang Myeon) which gives you the meat peices instead of ground. Yum.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

sawatdeekah :)

greetings from ko samui in thailand! The beach has been the perfect way to end this part of our trip after 4 full days of meandering the streets of Bangkok. We took a kayak out yesterday (which was an adventure in itself--curious fishes, crazy reefs, and someone tell me how one capsizes a kayak...) and I wasn't able to snap any photos yesterday, but here is one from the hotel we are at on Chaweng Beach. In short, this place is beautiful. Thai people are amazing folks (more to come on this)...and I love papayas.
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