Tuesday, January 4, 2011

resolutions to keep

I hate to make resolutions as I know resolutions are inevitably made to be broken, but there is definitely one I'd like to keep this year...
I usually try and take one overseas trip a year (I'm in it for the semi-long ones--talking 2 weeks minimum, 1 month ideal!) but with the transitions of a new position at work and lack of my planning on my part (boo), 2010 saw no such trip. I think airplanes in the sky will continue to stop me in my tracks until I get myself on one, so in 2011...I must travel. Till then, I will keep myself entertained with photos and planning out the definitive dream trip on my world map.

cheers to 2011 and the opportunities & adventures ahead.

{a small island off phuket, thailand)


  1. ha! I'm all FOR your resolution! Planning ahead is definitely key... if Asia is on your radar, Air Asia has awesome deals several times a month good for traveling within Asia. I like the Phuket picture btw! I would love to return one day and go to my favorite spots in Thailand. Mmm keep me posted where you end up. It's fun following friends' travels!


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