Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kentro Greek Kitchen

Genre: Greek| Location: Fullerton, CA
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I'm always inspired to cook after eating at places like Kentro--places that introduce me to dishes and ingredients that I've never tried (not just a different variation of something I get all the time). I expected the usual Mediterranean menu walking into Kentro, but was confronted with a chalkboard menu full of things I've never heard of--Melitzanosalata, Saganaki, Tiropites? Am I the only one that thought hummus and kebabs were considered Greek food?
In short: Kentro serves strictly Greek food, strictly yummy Greek food...
There are so many little things I adored about this place. From the casual style dining, high top tables, chilled water served out of Italian glass bottles into little cups, to an ambiance that encouraged a relaxed, long, drawn out dinner. You order your food at the front counter and take a number (a la Panera Bread or Corner Bakery), which could suggest fast dining-esque food, but everything we had proved otherwise. Here's a few things I've tried...

Octopus {charbroiled with pickled vegetables, latholemono (Greek oil + lemon sauce)}
 Calamari Saganaki {with tomato, garlic, feta}
Brizola {rib-eye 8oz., cooked medium, briami, tzatziki}
Mousaka {bolognese, eggplant, potatoes, bechamel} **Favorite
Roasted & Pulled Chicken Pita {w/red onions, tomatoes, arugula, dijon aioli served with Kentro fries} **Favorite

{Manouri flatbread} **Favorite
This was my favorite plate (along with the mousaka and chicken pita), and the only one I might try to re-create at home. Baked crisp flatbread, topped with manouri cheese (a Greek cheese similar to feta, but creamier and less salty), dried oregano, dried mission figs, arugula and drizzled with honey and extra virgin olive oil. Overall, great service, food, ambience. Highly recommend it!

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