Monday, October 3, 2011



See: Abe and I love the movies...and we've been on a movie watching marathon. I love the previews, he loves the popcorn, he is crushing on Emma Stone and I, Ryan Gosling, so the theaters have a lot going on for us these days. :)
2 recommendations: Moneyball was baseball knowledge needed to appreciate the story, although it helps! And Drive was...intense. I liked the style of it...was different and not your typical action movie. But be warned, it's pretty gory. (In Ryan Gosling's Sixteen Candles...but with head smashing).

Listening to: Drive Soundtrack
It's 80's, it's catchy, different and pretty awesome.

YUM: PB&J at Pinkberry. Sounds gross, but I’ve tasted…and am a believer! The yogurt is made with real peanut butter, then they put a dollop of strawberry jam and top it off with toasted bread crumbs. Excellent with fresh strawberries too!

Touch: The nights are getting cooler over here...not quite ready for the comforter to be pulled out, but a small nap blanket does the trick. I do love the summer, but am excited to bury and burrito myself in blankets when the cold weather hits.

Smell: Fresh laundry is the best. Can I brag about my new laundry detergent? Tide Pure Essentials: White Lilac is great!


  1. Ever since Danny saw Drive he's been playing the soundtrack over and over. And now he's going to make me go see it because he loves it (revenge movies with 80s style music is basically his favorite thing ever)... even though I just want to go see the new Anna Farris movie lol

  2. Abe loves those mob movies too! Watch it so we can talk about how stressful it was! p.s.: i secretly want to watch that Anna Farris movie too :)

  3. hi anabel!

    i found your blog through ange's blog! i love your recipes/tips-they're so do-able! :)


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