Thursday, March 15, 2012

chevron details

Eye catching chevrons. How beautiful is this wall? It makes me want to own a home...or at least just an entryway. :)
1) Apartment Therapy | 2) UO | 3) UO
4) Pretty Tape | 5) Pinterest via Brandi via Note to Self


  1. I lurv me some chevron prints. I originally was going to paint a chevron pattern on the tote I made you... and then I screwed up badly... because I lack patience... but you get enough of the orange and white chevron at work right? ;)

  2. Haha strangely I learned what chevrons were at gp first:) and I love my tote!

  3. i love chevron printtttttt
    i should make you a chevron print bracelet ;)

    1. girl, i think it's time you start going into business with those! :)


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