Thursday, April 7, 2011

rainy days

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Days like today make me want to curl up on the couch and watch old movies or Law & Order: SVU marathons. When I can't catch the latter, my go to movie is Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade. (This also happens to be my favorite ride at Disneyland). I don't watch it often, but it's one of those movies that I find new things that I enjoy and appreciate each time I do. Currently, they are...

1. the whole beginning sequence. River Phoenix plays a young Indy running from treasure hunters on horseback and through a circus train filled with wild animals and magic boxes. You get insight into his fear of snakes, the origin of his iconic fedora and whip, and even the scar on his chin (a real one of Harrison Fords). The whole thing is just…fun.

2. Indy’s 3 piece suits, 1930’s Venice and the Fraulein’s fashions, old Hollywood glamour, and various hats.

3. Petra
, Jordan
and the scene where the heroes ride off with Al Khaznah behind them. This whole movie is set in beautiful places I want to visit and explore. hello wanderlust...

Give me that, Whole Foods Reduced Sodium Popcorn, and my favorite high school P.E. sweats any gloomy day. If you're looking for some adventure, a healthy & fun dose of suspense (unlike the Departed which left me sweaty palmed and stressed out for pretty much the whole movie), and some humor, pick it up! What's your go to rainy day movie?


  1. i'm currently in my dbhs brahmas sweats a well hahaa. they're still so comfy, even after all these years~

  2. I grew up wanting to be an archeologist, travel, and name one of my future sons Indiana, and then I moved to the same town that Harrison Ford lives in... and I just saw these movies for the first time 2 months ago... I feel a connection lol

  3. @brandi: haha! coincidence? little indiana and mojave? I didn't know Harrison Ford lives in Jackson; I bet you guys buy milk from the same market. lucky.

    @jess: I plan to pass mine to my kids. They're made with a little bit of magic I think.

  4. i hardly ever re-watch a i dont think i can say i have a go to rainy day movie. but on those days I prefer a romantic drama I suppose :P

  5. Yep little Indiana and Mojave and my little girl Rivers... I can't wait for my little hippie family :) And Harrison actually came in to the restaurant Danny worked at a lot- Danny actually served Calista Flockhart quite often... and I hear Harrison Ford actually frequents one of our favorite restaurants here in town


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