Monday, April 11, 2011

the senses

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Taste: Abe brought these back for me and my coworkers from his last trip to Bouchon Bakery. The pistachio is my favorite. I'm tempted to try and bake a batch. Once I muster up the ingredients (and kitchen cajones) to do so, I'd like to try one of these recipes:
Earl Gray
Nutella Macarons
Macarons with Raspberry Rose Buttercream

Smell: I got my basil plant for the season. I love it and have already reaped the benefits in the form of a fresh caprese sandwich yesterday. I'm going to try out my newly learned gardening techniques and see how long I can keep it this year. Here's a simple one for basil: pinch off any new growth that sprouts off the top. (more helpful tips here)

See: Some time ago, I was given a sewing machine by someone very special. I got a little overly ambitious and purchased a slew of printed, solid knits, jerseys, chiffon...90% of which have gone unused. Anyway, I've unpacked all the dormant fabrics quietly sitting in drawers and bags in my room to motivate me. I think I'll make some simple scarves and mis-matchy napkins next...

Hear: Ms. Lauryn Hill has been popping up on my Pandora station which has rekindled my love for this album.

Feel: I always thought I was too short to wear these, but this particular H&M number fits my 5'3 self almost perfectly. Besides comfort, it's nice not having to worry about flashing your chones to the world like in a shorter dress.


  1. Do you take all these photos...

  2. i miss lauryn hill. she was such a legend.

  3. yes! let's make macarons!!!

  4. i know how you feel about maxi dresses, i felt too short too! but they make you look so much taller, i LOVE.

  5. @Jason: Only some! the rest I get online and the weekly photos come from friends all over the world:)

    @ Anne: she's still around! I saw her at coachella this weekend and she is still amazing!

    @erica: yes! please show me the ropes!!!

    @jess: agreed 100%...i thought it would be the opposite!


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