Friday, July 8, 2011

subway stories

I met an old man in Korea. And by met (in this case), I mean watched/stalked on the subway. Everything about him made me so curious...and he reminded me of Mr. I kind of couldn't take my eyes off him.


He wears large square glasses and a pouty mouth--one that looks like he'd been fighting a smile his whole life. He wears a neatly pressed gray suit, black shiny shoes, and a blue tie that matches the bright bakery bag that he clutches closely to him.

He takes out what looks like a slender cake box from his bag and looks at it admiringly, examining it and silently praising its perfection. He gently puts it back in the box.

He pulls out a comb out of his jacket pocket and brushes the neatly combed white hair on his tan, slightly freckled bald head.

The subway doors open and people start to fill in. An unsuspecting, elderly lady takes the seat next to him. He scooches over (annoyed), peers suspiciously from the corner of his eye and clutches his blue bag a little bit closer...

I snapped a picture when the moment was right.....


...or maybe not. Looks like he's looking right at me now. ack!

My mind started to wander at that point...whose this man and what's in that bag?

1 comment:

  1. this is so funny! yep, he is definitely giving you the evil eye... ack! :)


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