Wednesday, September 14, 2011

no two clouds alike

Do you guys ever notice how crazy the clouds look? All huge, massive, and intense on hot days. Or even on the days following that aren't as hot, they are wispy or cottonball-y...and there is usually that loner massive cloud drifting around somewhere.

Soooo, I'm going to get real vulnerable with you guys and tell you that I carry around one of these.
A "cloud diagram" proves useful on weeks like these. (Yup, proof to you that my inner nerd and secret science and archeology loving self lives loud and proud...and in a not so deep down place) It's handy... if only to increase your random trivia knowledge...and to not have to reference clouds as "cottonball-y" when you get into those conversations about clouds. (......)
Anyway, weren't those Cirrocumulus clouds the other day were awesome? (Did I just sound like Joey Tribbiani when he got the letter "V" Encyclopedia?)Photobucket

Photobucket Monday night::Tuesday morning

{cloud diagram source}

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