Thursday, August 25, 2011



We celebrated a dear friend's birthday this weekend in Vegas. Though it wasn't a far trip, it was nice to get away for a few days in the company of good friends. Happy birthday J!

Feel: Vegas was HOT...and I loved it! I finally got my warm (read: hot) summer nights that seemed to escape me this summer (though not over yet). I loved stepping out at night with no need for a jacket, not even just in case. :)

See: The biggest H&M I've ever stepped foot in. 3 stories, collections I've never seen before, and disco balls!

Hear: The buzzing of different languages and accents all around. It's always interesting to meet and hear where people are visiting from. I always forget that Vegas is somewhat of an international destination...not just a party city for college students on school break.

Taste/Smell: My favorite meal in Vegas was at Grimaldi's Pizza. I'm going to make a lofty statement here and say it is the best New York style pizza on this side of the coast! (Disagree? What are your favorite pizza places? This pizza connoisseur would love to know!) We ordered a few kinds, but the best one by far was the marinara pizza with pepperoni, garlic, and onions. Sounds so simple right? Nope, the flavors are deep, the ingredients are fresh, and it's tossed and prepared right in front of you. (man, I could go for one right now). It's a ten minute drive from the strip, but definitely worth the trip.
And I'm strangely growing a taste for coffee more and more these days (though I never cared for it before). This affegato from Illy at the Venetian was delicious...I think it was more the gelato inside than it was the coffee though. :)

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