Monday, January 30, 2012

counting cards

Do you guys collect anything? Stamps, keychains, magnets? My friend Jeff has an impressive collection of matches from all over the globe...

I like cards. I like writing them, receiving them, pop outs ones, colorful ones, plain ones, I like 'em all! (except if they have glitter on Anyways, I've become quite the collector without even knowing it. They were scattered all over, on my desk, in my books, in file folders, so I finally gathered them together so I can remember to use them. If you share my affinity, here are some good ones...nerds unite. (!)

The one I have...and a few more thoughts of Edward Monkton

(L) Birthday wishes by Uncooked (p.s.: This made me laugh)/(R) Frog by Paperchase

Embroidered Dino bybelinda

City pop-up cards. I got one as a gift from my friend, Genie. They have a D.C. & S.F. set as well. Available here.

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