Wednesday, March 23, 2011

pt. 3 of the granola trilogy

I made that Peanut Butter granola. (Bear with me. I have a whole bag of rolled oats to finish in the pantry. I promise my next recipe will not resemble granola in the slightest).
I didn't have any wheat germ but added some chocolate chips instead--I figured the health benefits were somewhat similar........... If you wanted to do the same, I recommend tossing them in while the granola is still warm. The chocolate will get all melty and bind some of the bits and you'll end up with more clusters. I used chunky peanut butter so didn't add any more chopped peanuts, but I think chopped honey roasted peanuts would have tasted great in the mix as well.



For a complete breakfast, add a glass of milk and some chopped bananas and enjoy.

And since I had just opened a big bag of cereal (to only use 1/4 cup) I made some peanut butter rice krispie squares. Just make the treats as you normally would; before adding the cereal, melt in a few spoonfuls of peanut butter to the marshmallow mixture. Tasty and satisfying.


(If you're looking for more of a traditional granola or companion for your Greek yogurt, this one's still my fave recipe).

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